According to doctors very low dose must be administered. The dosage recommended for men is 5 mg or 10 mg and 5 mg for women. It must be taken at night just before going to sleep, giving at least 6-7 hours time for the patient to sleep before waking up. Dose might be increased if that is not showing the desired effect, from 5 mg to 10 mg. Many people show difficulty in focusing on their work or reduction in efficiency while driving the next day of taking the medicine. Dosage must be either reduced or stopped in such cases. It should be taken care of that the maximum recommended dosage is not more than 10 mg in a single day. Ambien must be consumed just before the bedtime as it would work for next 6-7 hours for your peaceful sleep.


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Ambien is used for sleep initiation, but it should only be used for short durations and is never recommended for long term use as it may show some side effects on prolonged use. It has been proven to reduce Insomnia for up to 32-35 days under proper medical conditions in studies. The clinical trials have been conducted which support the effectiveness of Ambien for 3-4 weeks with the final assessment of sleep latency conducted at the end of the medication.


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